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NetSuite WMS – Item Aliases

Posted by Jose Moreno, Consultant on Jul 25, 2023 9:08:21 AM

In warehouse operations, a common challenge is how to efficiently manage product code updates to inventory you receive from your vendors. Depending on your business, you may be looking at a considerable number of items to update. These product code updates in turn can require significant effort from your warehouse staff to roll out and can hamper warehouse activities which tend to rely on accurate product barcodes for scanning items quickly and efficiently. To solve this problem, Netsuite WMS offers the concept of a WMS item alias which allows you toassociate your internal part number to multiple product codes without having to necessarily relabel your existing product. Adding WMS support for new vendor product codes can be done quickly and easily without impacting overall warehouse efficiency.


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Managing Handling Fees for Oversized Items

Posted by Jose Moreno, Consultant on Jul 20, 2023 10:25:04 AM

In the supply chain sphere, shipping fees are simply a cost of doing business. However, while shipping costs are usually an unavoidable business expense, they can quickly eat away at your profit margins if they are not effectively managed. These days, you tend to see all sorts of shipping fees that tend to drive up the overall cost of doing business. Handling fees, fuel fees, extended delivery fees, oversized fees, there is a fee for almost anything you can think of. Oversized fees in particular can affect you if you carry larger items and freight companies such as UPS already assess oversized fees for these items that tend to be bulkier and occupy more dimensional space. Being able to assess a proper handling charge for these larger items can have a significant impact on shipping costs and can help you make sure the cost of shipping is accurately assessed and handled (no pun intended). So how can we manage these handling costs in NetSuite? We will be answering this question on this blog. Read on to find out.  


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Tags: NetSuite, ERP, Reporting, NetSuite Partner, NetSuite How To's, NetSuite Tips, Shipping, Warehousing, Warehouse, Netsuite Fees, Fees, Handling, Oversized Items

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