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4 Layers of NetSuite Permissions

Posted by Sara Duong, Consultant on Jul 30, 2020 8:00:00 AM
Sara Duong, Consultant
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Why are roles and permissions important?


Roles and permissions are how NetSuite controls what functions or records a user can or can't access.  A role is defined as a compilation of permissions or restrictions; permissions and restrictions are usually given around the functional role of each user.  Each user is granted access to NetSuite with a specific role(s).  From an administration point of view, permissions can be changed at a role level instead of for each individual user, making it easy to manage permissions for groups of users.

Permission Layers

There are multiple ways permissions are granted or restricted in NetSuite.  Below is a description of each layer.


Layer 1:  Provides the broadest level of permission.

Example: This layer will allow the user to Edit all quotes in the system.



Layer 2: Will restrict the permission to user specific access, such as only subsidiaries assigned to user, or records created by user.

Example: This layer will allow the user to Edit only quotes that were created by user. 



Layer 3:  Opens up Layer 2 permissions but with more restriction.

Example: This layer will allow the user to Edit their own quotes and View other people's quotes.



Layer 4: Will restrict what fields the user is able to view; forms and search restrictions are used to control what fields users can see or use.

Example: This layer will hide the Classification fields in the quote for this specific user.


Restrict with Forms.


Restrict with Searches


NetSuite's dynamic layers of permissions and restrictions will make sure the right people are seeing the right information.  If you need help auditing and controlling your NetSuite roles, contact us for an assessment.

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