What is a Deep Dive Discovery Call and Why do I need to do one?

Posted by James Park, Business Development on Nov 30, 2017 6:14:00 AM
James Park, Business Development

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What exactly is a “Deep Dive Discovery Call” and why can't I simply skip it? Good question!

I’ve spent the majority of my career as a consultant.  I’ve worked for reputable consulting firms such as Deloitte, KPMG, and FTI Consulting, so I’m used to teasing out requirements and the underlying issues within a business.

Now, as a business development executive, I talk to a lot of people – and my goal is the same.  I want to help them solve their problems using the best technology available and the most efficient processes possible.  However, many prospective customers are not always focused on the same things.  There are some who only want to talk about price.  There are others who are only focused on our experience and background. Some will only consider a partner if they are close to them in location.  

All are legitimate things to look at when assessing a NetSuite partner, so I’m not arguing. 

However, I believe those things should come secondary to finding a partner who is interested and focused on what your problems actually are and the best ways to solve them. 

Our job and our mission at Concentrus is to help NetSuite customers get the most out of their software investment.  This means tailoring NetSuite to meet their unique business needs.  No one business is the same, and there are tremendous benefits to customizing the software to really maximize what NetSuite can do for a company.

The only way we can do this is to really understand your business and its operations.  That's why a deep dive discovery call is so important. As a team, we like to dig deep and really comprehend what your goals are and what gaps need to be filled.

A good NetSuite partner will insist upon a deep dive discovery call to show that they are willing to invest their time and resources to ensure that you get what you need to solve your business challenges and accelerate business growth. 

To give you an idea what what these deep dive discovery calls should entail, I'll take you through the Concentrus process. Our team spends time with you asking detailed questions about the company and its operations.  We review your standard operating procedures (SOP) and understand your requirements.  From this, we might:

  1. Uncover inefficiencies or gaps you weren’t aware of
  2. Educate you on best practices that other organizations are employing to achieve success
  3. Give you a strong sense of our expertise and knowledge, so you know you are in capable hands

But mainly, we will walk away with a strong understanding of your current processes and goals of where you want to be.

Here’s what might happen if you're working with a partner who skipped the discovery call step:

  1. They fix your problem and provide a temporary solution, but it’s only a band-aid that doesn’t fix the real issue
  2. The implemented solution didn’t work well with the company’s processes and became a problem when trying to scale up
  3. They don’t fully understand the risks involved and the impact of failure

Some other issues that customers don’t consider is change management and how people within the organization will adopt a new system.  Would you spend money on a system that people do not even use?

So, a carefully conducted Deep Dive Discovery Call uncovers a big chunk of your requirements and allows the customization team to deliver a system that “does what it’s supposed to do” and provides a long-term solution.

Yes, it’s not glamorous and it takes a lot of effort, but it’s an investment every NetSuite partner should make for their clients. 

If you are interested in conducting a deep dive discovery with our team to discover how Concentrus can improve your business, contact us today!

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