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10 Qualifying Questions to Close Your Hiring &Training Gap

Posted by Moo Choi, Trainer on Jan 4, 2018 6:30:00 AM
Moo Choi, Trainer

Ever hired an employee or invested in training an employee only to find that it was a complete miss? The employee is not the right fit, or the training that you invested your employee’s time and the company’s money in did not provide any results or improvement?

If you're anything like the CEO's and Presidents we've worked with, your Internal conversation may sound something like this:

  • hiring and training.pngWho in the world is this person we just hired?
  • This person was completely different during the interview.
  • Who the heck hired this person?
  • How did we miss this?
  • This was a total waste of money!
  • I'm done wasting my time hiring. I'll just do the job myself!
  • Training should've fixed this problem.

You're not alone.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the cost of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding each new employee can be as high as $240,000, depending on the role. 

Training Magazine says that companies under 1,000 employees spend an average of $290,000 on training and development each year.

If you’re not getting the proper return on your recruiting and training investments, don’t give up just yet! There's a better way. Your sanity, time, & business growth depends on it.

Hiring and training doesn’t have to be such a gamble, nor should it be subjective.

The most successful companies take steps to closing the hiring and training gap by asking themselves these simple questions:

  1. How do we measure and score intangible “must have’s” such as motivation and work-ethic?

  2. What are the most important job related core activities required to set a new hire up for success? 

  3. How do we define if this candidate is a cultural fit for our company?

  4. What leadership skills do I need to provide my managers to hold their people accountable for consistently meeting their goals?

  5. Do we have appropriate goals, incentives and consequences in place to drive desired results? 

  6. How do we define a top performing employee?

  7. Who should we be disqualifying from the hiring process?

  8. Are we trying to fit a square peg in a round hole?

  9. Are we doing enough to attract the talent we're looking for? 

  10. What is my own contribution to the issue?

Being able to come up with definitive answers to these questions will put you one step closer to improved performance and get you the results you need to accelerate growth.

Personnel costs can be one of the biggest liabilities on the expense line, but when leveraged properly, they are also a company's biggest assets.

Winning companies build winning teams. With strong leadership that is focused not on results, but on productive activity, business achieves growth goals.  It all starts with finding and hiring top performers. If you are frustrated with struggling to find them, maybe it’s worth a conversation with one of our team members for a no-obligation consultation.  Our clients are business owners who just got sick and tired of ‘Hiring and Hoping.’ They now rely on us to help them build their winning teams! 

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