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3 Signs Your NetSuite Implementation Project is Going Off Track and How to Rescue

Posted by Aska Zhang, Program Coordinator on Nov 4, 2021 4:01:45 PM


Implementing the NetSuite ERP is a significant investment into a company’s future. Usually the companies set up a team dedicated to the project, they work with implementation partners, and they spend months planning. Yet a lot of times an NetSuite implementation could become more difficult than expected, for various reasons, and if the project is going off track, you want to catch that as early as possible. In this Blog I’m going to share some of the common signs that suggest your implementation might be failing and what to do if that does happen.

Your project is falling off the timeline

Along the process you find it harder and harder to meet the timeline, from each milestone to the ultimate go-live. Multiple factors could contribute to it:

    • Insufficient team resources
    • Complications with the customizations
    • Partner not truly understanding your needs and requirements

Your user acceptance is low

Sometimes the users might not be resistant to the new NetSuite, instead they don’t feel confident or comfortable enough to navigate around. This could be due to poor communication, lack of training, or the configuration and set-up are not performed correctly.

Your project is over budget

Find yourself keep adding more dollars to the budget and don’t see the ceiling? Maybe there are modules you don’t need, maybe the project wasn’t scoped correctly from the beginning.

If you are experiencing one or a few of the problems mentioned above, there’s a great chance your implementation project could be failing. So what do you do?

Find the right NetSuite rescue specialist

First step is to have the rescue partner perform an in-depth assessment of the project, understand, and analyze your needs so they can figure out where things went wrong. Then when the proposed solution is presented, make sure you it meets your needs and your team are comfortable with it. Last but not least, make sure your rescue partner is there to continue to support you after go-live. Many companies find continued training and support imperative to the long-term success of NetSuite.

If you are experiencing these projects, or if you’d like to learn more about NetSuite, or need any NetSuite support, please reach out to us at Concentrus. Our consultants are ready to support you.

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