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Workflow – Autocheck Checkbox Based on Transaction Status

Posted by Sara Duong, Consultant on Feb 27, 2024 11:00:00 AM
Sara Duong, Consultant
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New to NetSuite Workflows? These powerful tools automate processes, ranging from simple to complex.

Let's walk through a basic introduction: Imagine you want a field to automatically update based on a transaction's status. In this example, we'll set a checkbox to true when a Sales Order reaches a specific stage.

The Steps Involved
    1. Create a saved search to pull Sales Orders that have been fulfilled. The Sales Order status would be Fulfilled, Partially Fulfilled, or Billed. The status of the checkbox is False. Both of these criteria must be met.

    2. Create the Workflow
      1. Go to Customization à Workflow à Workflows à New
      2. In the Summary page, fill out the Basic Information.
      3. Note: you will want to set the Release Status to Testing while you build the workflow.

    3. In the Summary page, fill out the Initiation and Schedule sections.
      1. Initiation section select Scheduled.
      2. Note: you will now add the saved search you just created in the Saved Search Filter and tell the workflow when it needs to run.

    4. Go to State 1. You will now set the checkbox to be marked True for all the orders that show up on the saved search. Reminder: this is why it is important to have the saved search only look for Sales Orders that do not have that checkbox checked.
      1. In the workflow state, you will select New Action button and then the action Set Field Value
      2. You can leave all the Basic Information, Triggering Client Fields, Condition, and Schedule section as is; no changes are needed.
      3. In the Parameter section,
      4. Field: select the checkbox field (or any field) you want to change when the Sales Order is fulfilled
      5. Choose the Value you want to set in that field. In this case, since it’s a checkbox, Static Value is chosen and will be set to Checked when the Sales Order reaches the correct status.
      6. Click Save

    5. Test the workflow.
      1. Create Sales Order in various status to test the workflow.
      2. Note: You can go to the workflow Summary page to manually trigger the workflow when it’s in Testing status.

    6. Release the workflow. Make sure to change the status to Released when you’ve finished testing and satisfied with the results.
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