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Concentrus Commentary on Evan Goldberg's "Today, Tomorrow and the Next 20 Years for NetSuite"

Posted by John Martinez, Practice Director on Aug 17, 2018 4:27:24 PM
John Martinez, Practice Director

On Thursday, August 2nd, Evan Goldberg, the Founder of NetSuite and EVP of Development for Oracle NetSuite released the following video titled Today, Tomorrow, and the Next 20 Years for NetSuite. 

Goldberg reinforces NetSuite's mission to enable organizations to realize their vision by delivering a complete suite of applications to run their business. 

He also discusses Oracle NetSuite's future investments in the following:

  1. Increase in Research and Development
  2. Adoption of More Oracle Technology, Including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  3. International Expansion

Personally, I am most excited to hear that Oracle is committed to an ongoing investment in R&D and growing this particular part of their portfolio. To us, the greatest value that NetSuite brings to our customer is it's ability to grow as our customers grow - in both scale and functionality. And Goldberg's words further solidifies that. 

This R&D push aligns with Contentrus because we are committed to our customers. Our mission is to help them become more efficient and effective in their business operations, and we believe that Oracle's new investments will help them reach those goals even faster. 

We are in it for life with our customers, and we are happy to know that Oracle will be alongside us as we continue to help our customers achieve success. 

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