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Creating Bin Transfers

Posted by Mariella Marquez, Consultant on Dec 8, 2022 11:41:12 AM
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A large part of warehouse management is cycle counting inventory and consolidating inventory to a single area or bin. If you are using Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management feature in NetSuite one function, you’ll have access to is Bin Transfers. This process allows you to move inventory from one bin to another without creating financial impacts


Please note that this function only works for items already in one or more bins, this does not replace the Bin Put-Away Worksheet. 

      1. Navigate to Transactions > Inventory > Bin Transfer 

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      2. Populate the required fields  
          1. Date
          2. Location 
          3. Item
          4. Item Quantity 
          5. Inventory Detail > select the blue arrow to provide the Lot, Bin and Quantity detail

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          6. Click OK 
      3. Click Add for that Item Bin Transfer to be added to the record. 
      4. Click Save to record the Bin Transfer. 

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