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How to Grow Revenue Through Behaviors

Posted by Moo Choi, Trainer on Nov 7, 2017 10:30:44 AM
Moo Choi, Trainer


All Dressed up and Nowhere to go?

Sometimes running a business can feel like that. Especially if you’ve got a good one.

You’ve got a Solid Mission, Product, Team, and Systems to deliver an amazing customer experience, but not enough customers to impact. What’s worse is they don’t seem to understand the difference between you and your lower-priced, lower-quality competitors.

You’re not alone. Many companies feel like they have so much to offer, but are not getting enough opportunities to get in with their ideal clients. If you had one chance, just one chance, to deliver, you know you’d rock their world and there’d be no turning back. They’d be a customer for life. But right now, something's getting in the way.

But the question remains - WHY aren’t they interested? WHY can’t we seem to get in with the amount and type of clients we’d love to be able to help? And, WHAT are my salespeople doing wrong?

What we do know is that generating new customer revenue is the life-line to continual growth. Once you stop generating NEW revenue, you can maintain or decline, but it becomes exceedingly difficult to grow.

We also know that Behaviors Drive Results. And when salespeople consistently engage in behavior with the right strategies and tactics, they develop a robust and consistent pipeline of NEW customer revenue that feeds growth.

But what kind of results are you getting and what do those results say about your current behaviors?

If you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting today, it could be time to reexamine your strategies, tactics, & behaviors.

Join respected Concentrus trainers Tim Barry & Moo Choi on December 7th, in Austin, TX, to learn how you can develop a system of prospecting that’s helped companies get in front of and land more business with qualified customers on a consistent basis.

In this workshop your team will learn how to

  • create a multi-pronged approach to generating more qualified opportunities, and how to effectively engage in each one simultaneously
  • build a prospecting plan to spend time on the activities that generate the most revenue for your business
  • intentionally network for results
  • build a consistent & predictable pipeline
  • develop equal business stature with prospects
  • sound different than “most” salespeople
  • cold call effectively
  • leverage LinkedIn
  • and much more… all in just 3 hours!

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