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Manually Creating Statistical Journals

Posted by Mariella Marquez, Consultant on Jan 24, 2023 4:47:14 PM
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In NetSuite manually creating statistical journal entries is like manually creating general financial journals with the exception that you do not provide financial specific data. Instead, you are utilizing the unit of measures we previously set up to allocate fees such as monthly rent per department or shipping cost by items sold. When manually creating statistical journals, you are also given the opportunity to make an absolute balance for multiple statistical accounts at the same time.


This is useful for updating data that is not tracked periodically but instead overwriting a value at the time of journal creation. In this blog post we will review the process of manually creating a statistical journal to create an absolute balance to our statistical account we created in our last blog post, Creating Statistical Accounts and Unit Types 

Steps to create a statistical journal: 

  1. Go to Transactions > Financial > Make Statistical Journal Entries. 

  2. In the Primary Information section: 
      1. In the Entry No.  field, accept the default or enter a different number. 
      2. In the Date field, accept today's date or enter a new date for the statistical journal entry. 
      3. If you use fiscal accounting periods, select the period with which to associate this transaction. 
      4. Leave the Reversal Date field blank unless you want to create a reversing entry at the same time. 
      5. In the  Memo field, enter information to help you identify this intercompany journal entry in a list of other intercompany journal entries. 

  3. In the Statistical Information section: 
      1. Select the Unit of Measure Type. 
        **Important to know that this value cannot be modified after you save the statistical journal. 
      2. Check the  Absolute Update box to update the balance of one or more statistical accounts at the same time. 
        **The account balances you enter in the Amount field overwrite all previous values. If you check this box, you are prompted to confirm the action when you save the transaction. 

  4. In the Classification section: 
      1. If you use NetSuite OneWorld, select a Subsidiary to associate with this statistical journal. 
      2. If you have enabled Departments,Classes, or both on the Company subtab of the Enable Features page, select the appropriate classification to associate with this journal entry. 

  5. On the Lines subtab, enter the detailed information for the statistical journal lines. 
      1. In the Account field, select the statistical account to be affected by this statistical journal. 
      2. In the Amount field, enter the value associated with the default Unit of Measure. 
      3. Optionally, enter a memo to help you recognize this entry in the Statistical Register for this account. 
      4. Optionally, select the name of a person, vendor, or company to associate with this entry. 
      5. If you have enabled classifications on the Company subtab of the Enable Features page and you specify classifications at the line-level, select the appropriate department, class, and location to associate with this line. 
      6. The Units field defaults to the unit type associated with this statistical account. 
      7. Click Add. 
      8. Repeat these steps for each line item. 

  6. Click Save. 

Now you have your statistical journal with absolute value. Next in this series we will review how to auto-create statistical journals from a saved search. 



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