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NetSuite Gift Certificates 101

Posted by Sara Duong, Consultant on Jun 18, 2024 10:25:10 AM
Sara Duong, Consultant
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Gift Certificates are managed through NetSuite’s Design to Build process; it is considered an Item Type. In order to add the Gift Certificate as an Item Type, you must first enable the feature and set account preferences. Below is a demonstration of how Gift Certificates are created, sold, and applied.

Create your Gift Certificate

  1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Gift Certificates.
  2. Click New Gift Certificates.
    1. Alternatively, go to Lists > Accounting > Items > New and then click Gift Certificate.
  3. Enter a gift certificate Item Name/Number.
  4. Enter a UPC Code.
    1. When you enter text in this field, the SKU/UPC field on item labels displays this UPC code and prints in UPC bar code format.
  5. Enter a Display Name/Code.
    1. The display name prints in the Item column of sales forms when basic printing is used.
    2. If this item is a member of a kit, this name appears in the Item column when the Print Items box is checked.
  6. Enter a Product Name.
  7. If this item is Subitem Of a parent item, enter the parent item in this field.
  8. Select a Department to associate with this item.
  9. Select a Sales Channel.
  10. Select a Location.
  11. On the Sales/Pricing subtab, in the Price Levels section, enter the sale price.
  12. On the Accounting subtab, select an Income account, and a Liability account.
  13. To make the gift certificate available for sale on your web store, on the Web Store subtab, check the Display in Web Store box.
  14. In the Web Site List section, select the Site category where the gift certificate should display.
  15. Click Save.


Selling your Gift Certificate

  1. Create a New Sales Order or Cash Sale
  2. Select the Gift Certificate as an item
    1. Click in the Gift Certificate column to fill in the following information:
      1. From - The name of the person, the gift certificate is from.
      2. Recipient Name - The name of the person receiving the gift certificate.
      3. Recipient Email - Enter the email for the person receiving the gift certificate. This is required so that the recipient receives the gift certificate authentication code.
      4. Gift Message - Enter a message for the gift certificate recipient.
      5. Click Done to close the popup window.
      6. Click Add to add the gift certificate to the Item list.
      7. Note: 
        1. You can enter a maximum of 1 gift certificate on a transaction line. Each gift certificate line item cannot have a quantity greater than 1. The details (such as From, To, Email, and Message) can be entered for only one gift certificate on a single line.
  3. Save
  4. Once Sales Order is invoiced, an email will be sent to the recipient with an authorization code.
    1. Gift certificate codes are not active until the order used to purchase the gift certificate is billed.


Apply Gift Certificate

  1. Create a Sales Order or Cash Sale
  2. In the Billing tab, go to the Payment subtab
    1. Under Gift Certificate, select the authorization code and enter the amount to be applied.
  3. Save






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