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NetSuite vs. Dynamics: Key Differences

Posted by Jesse Guzman, Consultant on Oct 27, 2020 12:21:26 PM
Jesse Guzman, Consultant
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pexels-thisisengineering-3861958There are many articles highlighting the pros and cons of NetSuite ERP vs Microsoft 365. This blog will focus on some of the key differences.

Dynamics 365 and NetSuite probably have the most in common from all the players in the ERP world. Both are leveraging the cloud, have a selection of ERP modules geared towards small to midsized businesses.

Dynamics is cloud based and is considered a single-tenant solution, meaning the user can tailor and customize as they see fit, which includes pushing updates or not. In theory single-tenant is a good solution, it may cause problems down the road when too much customization has been done. NetSuite on the other hand hosts all clients on the cloud and generally the NetSuite environments behave the same. It can be customized heavily, but the foundation of the system is familiar across customers.

While Dynamics has many more reporting options than NetSuite, they can be quite overwhelming. NetSuite provides fast, simple and user-friendly reporting right out of the box. With of course the ability to customize as needed.

Dynamics is newer to the Cloud ERP game having been introduced in late 2016. Their UI and design feel fresher than NetSuite, which makes sense because NetSuite has been around since 1999, before the cloud was even a thing.

A quick list of Pros and Cons of Each System:

Dynamics 365:


  • Uses BI Tools
  • Has machine learning built-in
  • Strong integration with Microsoft Suite of Tools
  • Clear Pricing Structure
  • Most implementations done by resellers


  • Big database can lead to slow reporting
  • Customization process is difficult to do in house.
  • Limited Professional Services Automation
  • No HR Module
  • Limited target industries



  • Easy to customize dashboard, menus, look and feel
  • Integrates with many third-party applications and direct integration with FedEx and UPS
  • Very strong accounting and financial management features
  • 20+ years on the market


  • UI can feel dated because it was first into the cloud ERP market
  • Navigation can be a bit cumbersome at times
  • Bi-Annual upgrades can cause customizations to require modifications
  • Implementations done by offshore NetSuite team unless a solution provider like Concentrus is used.

How to get NetSuite & Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is sold primarily through resellers and as in any implementation it is important to find a good implementation partner. Regardless the kind of system being implemented a good partner is necessary.

NetSuite on the other hand can be bought direct from NetSuite and implemented using their offshore implementation team. There are varying degrees of success with this approach, while it offers a lower upfront cost, it requires a lot more time from the customer and provides less tailoring of the product to meet their needs. Within the NetSuite ecosystem there are also Solution Providers such as Concentrus that can provide you with the licenses at the same price as NetSuite and experienced implementation teams to tailor the environment. Using a Solution Provider is not a sure way to have a flawless implementation, picking the right partner is important and choosing the right internal team is also key.

If you’re considering NetSuite, are in the middle of an implementation, want a second set of eyes on your implementation or need NetSuite customizations reach out to Concentrus. We’re happy to help!

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