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Troubleshooting: Missing Billing Address On Invoice PDF

Posted by Sara Duong, Consultant on Nov 4, 2020 1:40:00 PM
Sara Duong, Consultant
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pexels-photo-1714208Have you gotten stuck on why the billing address won’t display on the PDF version of the Invoice? You checked the billing address in the Customer record and You checked the PDF is formatted correctly.

You are about to call Concentrus, your NetSuite Partner, to request a NetSuite customization.

As your NetSuite Support partner, we would always take a quick peek. Two most common reasons why the billing address does not show up:

  1. Data Data Data. Billing address was not tagged in the Customer record.
  2. Address updated or added after Invoice was created. Invoice will pull in the billing address at time of creation and will not update when there are address changes on the Customer record.

Solution is to update or add the Bill To address in the Invoice record.

  • You can do this manually by editing the Invoice record and use the drop down in the Bill To field to select an address.
  • If you have several invoices that needs updating, use a CSV upload to update the Bill To field.

Here are the specific steps for a CSV upload of Bill To addresses to the Invoice record:

  1. Create the CSV file which should have the following columns:
    1. Internal Id [of the Invoices' Billing Address to be updated]
    2. Bill To Select [which contains the Internal Id of the Address other than what is in the Invoice]
  2. Perform the CSV Import:
    1. Go to SetupImport/Export > Import CSV Records.
    2. In Scan & Upload CSV File step, set below:
      1. Import Type= Transactions
      2. Record Type= Invoice
    3. Click the Selectbutton > choose the CSV file created in Step 1 above.
    4. Click Next.
    5. In Import Optionsstep, set the following:
      1. Data Handling= Update
      2. Advanced Options> unmark the Run Server SuiteScript and Trigger Workflows checkbox.
    6. Click Next.
    7. In Field Mappingstep, map below fields:
      1. Internal IDInvoice : Internal ID
      2. Bill To SelectInvoice : Bill To Select
        1. Note: click on the Pencil Iconbeside Bill To Select > in the Choose Reference Type, select Internal ID
    8. Click Next
    9. In Save mapping & Start Importstep:
      1. Add an Import Map Name
    10. Click Save & Run.

Want a refresher or additional training on CSV uploads in NetSuite? Reach out to us Today for guided support.  

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