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What are the options to void a check in NetSuite?

Posted by Sara Duong, Consultant on Jun 25, 2024 9:30:00 AM
Sara Duong, Consultant
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During normal operations, it is common to have checks not deposited or maybe a duplicate check was issued.


In order to void the original check, there are 2 preference options:

  1. Void with a voiding journal entry. In this case, the original check will be marked Void and a voiding journal entry will be systematically created to reverse the GL impact.
  2. Void without voiding journal entry. In this case, the original check will be zero’d out and marked void.


It is recommended that you void with a voiding journal entry to avoid changes in previous bank reconciliation. Any cleared check would be unreconciled when there are changes to the transaction.

To void a check in NetSuite, go to Transactions à Bank à Write Checks à Lists, and select the check you want to void. Then, click the Void button. Note: The voiding journal entry defaults to the current posting period. You can manually change the date of the voiding journal entry only at time of creation. Reminder that this will impact previous bank reconciliations if you do change to an earlier posting period.

Once a check is voided in NetSuite, you can not reverse the void. In order to reverse the void, you can create a journal entry to reverse the GL impacts. However, the original check and the voiding journal entry will still remain.

If you have any questions regarding voiding checks or other transactions, please contact Concentrus. Our consultants are happy to help.





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