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11 Reasons Retailers Choose NetSuite

Posted by Fara Panah, Vice President on Jul 23, 2020 7:45:00 AM
Fara Panah, Vice President
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Retail Management SolutionRetailers large and small around the world choose NetSuite as their Retail Management Solution because it has everything you need to run a successful retail business in the cloud.

But with so many different retail solutions on the market, what puts NetSuite above other comparable solutions?

  1. You get all the benefits of a proven cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system – adaptability, flexibility and scalability.

  2. It connects to your POS.

  3. You can use either a built in ecommerce solution (SuiteCommerce) or integrate seamlessly with any of the larger ecommerce solutions – your choice!

  4. Because you can run every piece of your business from a single, centralized location, you can extensive real-time reports and get a full, 360 degree view of your business.

  5. NetSuite is the #1 global cloud provider of ERP and Financial Management – so you know you have a strong back office system that is pandemic-proof and will allow your team to work from home when needed.

  6. NetSuite has one of the strongest inventory management systems according to Capterra.

  7. It grows with you. There’s a reason that NetSuite has retailers of all sizes – because it grows as you grow. That means that 5 or 10 years down the line, you will not have to go through the same software selection process you’re doing now.

  8. It’s a cloud-based software so you don’t have to worry about IT maintenance and upgrade costs like you do with on-premise solutions.

  9. Another great benefit of having a cloud solution is that you can pull information anytime, anywhere, on any device, securely. That means that you can look at your company information and make better, faster decisions – something that is very valuable in an extremely changeable industry like retail.

  10. It’s an omnichannel solution – so you can reach your current and potential customers how and where they want to be reached and provide a streamlined, unified shopping experience across multiple channels.

  11. It offers unmatched customer insights so that you can create a personalized experience for every single customer. It helps you promote loyalty and a streamlined experience without additional resources.

These are just a few reasons that our retail clients choose NetSuite. The bottom line is NetSuite is a customizable cloud-based solution that is extremely easy to tailor to your unique business needs – something that retailers around the world value.

Want to see for yourself? Schedule a demo with one of our retail experts to see a tailored demonstration of NetSuite as it relates to your business. Who knows? You might even add a few more line items to this list after seeing what a powerful Retail Management tool it really is.

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