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Authorized Contacts in NetSuite Account Center

Posted by Kevin Suh, NetSuite Administrator on Sep 26, 2023 11:00:00 AM
Kevin Suh, NetSuite Administrator

Are you currently utilizing Netsuite's customer support services? To enhance response times and establish a more scalable customer support system, Netsuite has implemented a streamlined process known as "Authorized Contacts" in alignment with the Terms of Support Service.

So, who exactly are these "Authorized Contacts"? They are specific individuals within your organization who possess the necessary technical expertise, training, or experience related to Netsuite services. These designated contacts will take responsibility for all communications with Netsuite Support, encompassing case submissions and incident reporting. Essentially, these Authorized Contacts have the authorization to request and receive Support Services on behalf of your organization.


To access the Netsuite Terms of Support Service, you can find it at http://www.netsuite.com/portal/resource/terms-of-support-services.shtml.

You might be wondering how many Authorized Contacts your company is entitled to have. The number depends on your Support Type, which is detailed in the Supplemental Support Terms and Support Offering Comparison Chart, also available at http://www.netsuite.com/portal/resource/terms-of-support-services.shtml


When did this feature become available within the Netsuite Terms of Support Service? This change was introduced during customer contract renewals starting in 2012. But why wasn't it rolled out immediately? The purpose was to allow ample time for all customers to transition into the new contract before implementing the logistics of Authorized Contacts.


Now, here's a question that often arises: Do Authorized Contacts apply to Solution Providers?

Yes, they do.

But who can become an Authorized Contact? Essentially, any user with access to the account can be designated as an Authorized Contact. However, it is strongly encouraged to allocate these positions to individuals who have completed training in NetSuite fundamentals or are among the most experienced NetSuite users in your company.


Consequently, it's important to clarify that not all Administrators are automatically authorized contacts. Authorization is specific to individuals designated by their respective companies, and this can include individuals with various roles, including the Administrator role.


Is there a standard process for approving individuals as authorized contacts? Of course. The decision should come from a designated representative within the company, such as an Administrator or Primary Contact.

What if a customer wishes to add an additional Authorized Contact? Existing published limits must be adhered to, and any concerns regarding this should be discussed with your Account Managers.


Let's address a common scenario: What if a case is submitted by an authorized user on behalf of a non-authorized contact? In such cases, support will not be provided if the intention is to continue all communications with the unauthorized contact. Support services should exclusively engage with authorized contacts.


To set up your company's Authorized Contacts, your account is entitled to designate a certain number of individuals for this role within NetSuite Support. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating Authorized Contact records:

  1. Log in to your NetSuite Account.
  2. Click on the Support Tab.
  3. Under the NetSuite Account Center portlet, select the NetSuite Account Center link.
  4. Within the Customer Center – Home Links portlet, locate and click on Authorized Contacts.
  5. Click on "New Authorized Contact."
  6. Complete the required fields, which include First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Time zone, and check the Authorized Checkbox.
  7. Finally, click "Save."



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