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Customer Preference-Send Transactions

Posted by Isaias Torres, Consultant on Jan 30, 2024 11:00:00 AM
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Streamlining customer communication is key to building lasting relationships, and NetSuite's Customer Preference settings empower you to do just that. Let's explore how to preset delivery methods for transactions, ensuring your customers receive information in their preferred format.

Setting the Stage:

Native Email Address: When creating a customer record in NetSuite, utilize the native email field to capture their preferred point of contact. This email becomes the default recipient for all customer-facing transactions, including Sales Orders, Invoices, and Payments.

Delivery Options:

  • Email: By checking the "Email" box, transactions automatically appear in the "To Be Emailed" queue when associated with this customer. This ensures timely electronic delivery directly to their inbox.
  • Print: Selecting the "Print" option generates a PDF version of the transaction within your NetSuite interface. While it doesn't directly send to the customer, you can easily save and email the PDF for their convenience.
  • Fax: For customers who prefer faxed copies, tick the "Fax" box. Remember, this requires a valid fax number on the customer record and appropriate fax configuration within NetSuite.

Presentation Preferences:

Email Preference: The "Email Preference" dropdown lets you control how email deliveries appear. Choose "HTML" to embed the transaction directly within the email body, or opt for "PDF" to attach a visually clean and easily downloadable document. Many clients favor the PDF format for its clarity and ease of archiving.


  • Customizing Control: While these preferences set defaults, individual transactions can be adjusted to override these settings, giving you ultimate flexibility.
  • Clarity is Key: Always ensure the chosen delivery method aligns with your customer's preferences and communication style.

By leveraging NetSuite's Customer Preference settings, you can create a personalized communication experience that strengthens relationships and streamlines business interactions.

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