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Label Field Saved Search

Posted by Isaias Torres, Consultant on Feb 1, 2024 11:00:00 AM
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Saved Searches are a powerful tool within NetSuite, allowing you to create custom reports by combining various records. But what if the native or custom field names don't exactly scream clarity for reporting purposes? That's where the Custom Label field comes in.

Introducing the Custom Label Field

Think of it as a superhero for Saved Search column names. This hidden gem lets you rename those cryptic field names into something easily understandable for yourself and anyone else viewing the results. No more head-scratching over internal reference codes or technical jargon!

As you can see in the screenshot above, the highlighted text is the Custom Label field in action. It allows you to transform those potentially confusing native or custom field names into clear and concise labels specific to your Saved Search.

In the left-hand column, you see the original, technical names of the custom fields. But fear not, those "(custom)" tags won't haunt your report viewers. They're just there to remind you which fields you've customized, while the right-hand side shows how the renamed labels will actually appear in the search results.

Take a look at the example again. Thanks to the Custom Label field, I've banished the mysterious "Matrix" text, replacing it with something more meaningful for this particular Saved Search. Now, everyone can understand the data at a glance, without needing a NetSuite decoder ring.

So, if you're struggling with cryptic field names in your Saved Searches, remember the power of the Custom Label field. It's your key to transforming confusing reports into crystal-clear insights, making NetSuite even more user-friendly and efficient.

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