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Main Line Location and Line Level Location of the Vendor Bill

Posted by Kevin Suh, NetSuite Administrator on Jan 17, 2023 3:53:39 PM
Kevin Suh, NetSuite Administrator

You might have encountered the experience where the GL impact for Line level Location of the Vendor Bill is different from the Main line Location. You might have set the location field differently on the custom Vendor Bill form. The expected behavior might be different from the user’s understanding. 


Here are some different scenarios with the expected behavior: 

  1. If Vendor Bill with a Custom Form is set as following: 
      • under Main Field > Main Location = A 
      • under Sub Field > Item Line level > Location column is hidden 
    1. Check GL Impact for this Vendor Bill 
      • Dr. Accounts Payable - Location is A 
      • Cr. Accrued Liabilities -  Location is A 

    2. Change the Main Location from A to B. 
      • Check GL Impart for this Vendor Bill
      • Dr. Accounts Payable - Location changed to B
      • Cr. Accrued Liabilities - Location is still A 

    3. Why? 
      1. Please navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features > Items & Inventory tab > Inventory subtab > Multi-Location Inventory = T. At the time when this feature is enabled, Line-item Locations feature would be enabled at the same time.
      2. At the moment that user enters Location information under Main Location of Vendor Bill, although the Line Level Location is hidden, it would still be exposed as Location A.
      3. If you edit this Vendor Bill > change Main Field Location from A to B > Save. The Line Level Location would still remain to A.
      4. Since Accrued Liabilities GL Impact refers to the Line Level on the Vendor bill, that is the reason why the GL Impact for Accrued Liabilities > Location is still A

    4. The common mistake to copy the existing vendor bill
      1. Making a copy of the vendor bill
          1. Open the Bill and hover over Actions > Make Copy
          2. Change the Location on the main line
          3. Click Save
          4. Result: The GL impact along the main line (Payable account) was changed, but that of the line level (Expense/Asset account) was retained.
      2. To avoid this, the Make Copy feature can be hidden on the form as follows:
          1. Go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms
          2. Edit the custom form
          3. Under Actions tab, look for Make Copy field and unmark the Show box
          4. Click Save

  1. If the location field is hidden on the main line of the bill. As a result, the accounting preference that requires a Location value will not be enforced and will be set as default.
    1. The possible common issue: the new Vendor Bill does not contain the Inventory Detail entered from the related Purchase Order.

    2. Example: Purchase Order Line Item #1 has the details below
      1. Item A..........Quantity=2...................Inventory Detail: Lot Number 12345 with Quantity=2
      2. Upon clicking the Bill button from the Purchase Order, the Inventory Detail: Lot Number 12345 with Quantity=2 is not defaulting to the line item on the Vendor Bill.

    3. This is because the custom Vendor Bill had the Location field hidden on form. The Location field determines which Serial/Lot/Bin number a user can select together with the details related to Quantity.

    4. This can be fixed if Location field is exposed on the Vendor Bill Form. 
      1. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms.
      2. Click Edit next to the name of the Custom Form used to replicate the problem.
      3. Under Screen Fields tab > user can mark the Show box for the Location field. This can either be on the Main subtab or on the Items subtab.
      4. Click Save.

  2. If the location field is mandatory, but the user is unable to set it as non-mandatory. The location field must be mandatory for two reasons.
    1. Once Multi-Location Feature is enabled in a NetSuite account then Location field is set to mandatory by default in transaction forms like standalone Vendor Bills.
    2. Enabling the Accounting Preference > ‘MAKE LOCATIONS MANDATORY' results to the Location field being required on transactions.
    3. To avoid this, hide the Location field on the preferred forms for the Vendor Bill.
      1. Go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms
      2. Edit the Preferred Bill form
      3. On Screen Fields > Main, uncheck Show box for Location
      4. Save
      5. Optional) Have a Workflow action of Set Field Value for Location and select a default value.

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