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Managing Check PDF Formatting through Print Offsets

Posted by Stephanie Kim on Jul 4, 2024 10:28:00 AM
Stephanie Kim


If your business is printing a lot of checks, the use of multiple printers may be common. There may be cases where the Check PDF format set up in NetSuite may work for one printer, but may not work for another. There may also be cases where you need to print checks using different stocks. In these scenarios, utilizing the print offset settings in your Set Preferences may offer a quicker solution compared to creating a separate PDF Layout from scratch.

On the NetSuite home page, scroll over the Home Icon and select Set Preferences. Click on the Transactions subtab. Under the Printing section, you should see the fields ‘Horizontal Print Offset’ and ‘Vertical Print Offset’. One can specify values for these fields to shift the check format up and down by a specific margin. For example, if you enter the value 0.1 for the ‘Vertical Print Offset’ field, the text on the PDF will shift down by one-tenth of an inch. Negative numbers will shift the text up. The same logic applies to the ‘Horizontal Print Offset’ – positive numbers will shift it to the right, and negative numbers to the left.


Keep in mind that this is manipulating the entire text body of the pdf as one unit, so if more complex modifications need to be made in terms of formatting, this may not be the best option. These print offsets will also apply to any other basic PDF layouts for transactions, not just checks. These fields are a good way to quickly shift the fit of the print layout at the user level.


Although it may not accommodate for all PDF adjustment scenarios, the print offset settings can be a great tool for quick and simple fixes to printing your basic transactions.




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