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NetSuite SuiteApp Auto Assign UPC

Posted by Stephanie Kim on Jul 2, 2024 10:15:00 AM
Stephanie Kim


The Auto Assign UPC SuiteApp (Bundle ID: 316640) streamlines the process of assigning UPC codes to various item types within NetSuite, including inventory, assembly, inventory matrix, and assembly matrix items. Additionally, it provides functionality for creating, removing, and managing UPC codes. Through this SuiteApp, users can access a comprehensive list of all assigned UPC codes, along with their respective assignment and retirement dates, conveniently linked to the item records.

After the installation of the SuiteApp, to enable the feature:

Navigate to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features. Click the Items & Inventory subtab. Under Items, check the following preferences: Matrix Items, Bar Coding and Item Labels


To set the custom Auto Assign UPC preferences:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > General Preferences.
  2. Click the Custom Preferences subtab.
  3. Under the Auto Assign UPC subtab, check the boxes as required.
    1. Deactivate Items Without UPC Code – If this box is checked, items without UPC codes will be inactivated.
    2. Automatically Assign UPC to New Item - If this box is checked, all new items will be included in the queue to assign UPC codes
  4. Click Save.


First and foremost, you must create a list/queue of UPC codes to be assigned. You can mass import or manually enter them into NetSuite.

To import UPC codes:

  1. Go to Setup > Import/Export > Saved CSV Imports.
  2. Click Import UPC Codes.
  3. In the Scan & Upload CSV File step, select the CSV file with your UPCs.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In the Import Options step, expand Advanced Options to display additional settings.
  6. Make sure the Run Server SuiteScript and Trigger Workflows box is checked.
  7. Click Next.
  8. In the Field Mapping step, click Next.
  9. In the Save mapping & Start Import step, you can run the import.


To create UPC codes manually:

  1. Go to Lists > Custom > UPC Code.
  2. In the UPC Code field, enter a code.
  3. Click Save.


UPC Codes can have one of the three statues:

  1. InUse – Code that is assigned to an item.
  2. Unused – Code that is available to assign.
  3. Retired – Code that is either removed from an item or the item using it was deleted. Once retired, the code cannot be reused.


Once the system has a queue of UPC codes to assign, you can set which items should be included in the queue.

To automatically assign a UPC code:

  1. Go to the item record of choice.
  2. By default, the UPC Code field is disabled.
  3. In the UPC Code Assignment field, select Assign New UPC Code.
  4. Click Save.

You can set the system/script to automatically run assignment of UPC codes to items set to Assign New UPC Code. The AAUPC MR Auto Assign UPC script will run at its default scheduled time, which is once a day at 5:00 a.m. Pacific Time. You can change the schedule by editing the script deployment record.


To manually run the script:

  1. Go to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployment.
  2. Find AAUPC MR Auto Assign UPC.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the Status field, set the field value to Not Scheduled.
  5. Click the Parameters subtab.
  6. Click Save and Execute to run the script.

You will be taken to the Map/Reduce Script Status page. Click Refresh and validate the script run is successful.


To manually assign a UPC code to an item:

  1. On the Item UPC subtab, check the Exclude from Auto Assign UPC box.
  2. Enter a code in the UPC Code field.
  3. Click Save.

In order to remove an auto-assigned UPC from an item, edit the item record and select Remove UPC Code for the UPC Code Assignment field. This will set the status of the UPC Code to Retired.




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