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Keeping Your Vendor Records Organized: Printing Separate Vouchers in NetSuite

Posted by Isaias Torres, Consultant on Mar 28, 2024 11:00:00 AM
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Ever run into a situation where your bill payments have so much detail they can't fit on a single check voucher? NetSuite can help!

NetSuite allows you to print a separate voucher page with all the remittance advice. When you print a separate voucher, the bill will not be listed on the voucher part of the check. Instead, the actual check voucher will indicate that the remittance advice is on a separate page.

Simplify Vendor Records: Print Separate Vouchers in NetSuite

Here's what you'll need to do:

    1. Enable the Feature: Head to Setup > Company > Printing & Fax. Look for the setting Print Separate Voucher for Bill Payments and check the box.
    2. Basic is Best: To properly use this feature, you must use the basic PDF layout for checks. Advanced PDF/HTML layouts won't work for this feature.
    3. Mark for Printing: Once you've created a bill payment, simply check the To Be Printed box, then it will appear in the queue to be printed on the Print Checks & Forms page.
    4. Print the Check: On the Print Checks & Forms page, click Checks. Choose an account and select the bill payment you would like to print. Make sure the Check Type is set to Voucher. When you hit the Print button, the actual voucher check without the bill-level information will be printed. 
    5. Print the Separate Voucher: Now for the remittance details! You will print the separate voucher by heading to the same Print Checks & Forms page and clicking Payment Vouchers. Select the bill payment and hit the Print button. This will print the separate voucher with just the remittance advice. You can then send both copies to the vendor.

Now you have a complete set of documents for your vendor: a check with clear reference and a detailed remittance record. Simply send both copies to your vendor for their records!

NetSuite Questions? Concentrus Has Answers.

Do you have questions about using separate vouchers in NetSuite, or want to explore how NetSuite can streamline your bill payments altogether? The Concentrus team is here to help! Our NetSuite experts are always ready to answer your questions and guide you towards a more efficient financial process. Contact Concentrus today https://concentrus.com/contact-us/


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